Arabian Nights English Translation v1.0

posted on 12/25/2012, 10:42 am by LostTemplar

After over half a year of hard work our team (look at the project page for details!) is proud to present to you the first fully English translation of the Super Famicom RPG "Arabian Nights"! For more information and the patch just go over to the project page.

Merry Christmas!

bsnes reaches 100% compatibility

posted on 03/07/2012, 11:29 pm by LostTemplar

After bsnes had been in development for over seven years it finally reached 100% compatibility - a first for Super Nintendo emulators. What this means is that every known and officially released game can be played without bugs. The last hurdle that had to be overcome was the Shōgi game Hayazashi Morita-Nidan Shōgi 2 (早差し森田二段将棋2) which accomodates the last then not emulated special chip, the ST0018.

By receiving a hint from no$gmb author nocash, byuu was able to dump the program and data ROM of the chip. This lead to byuu, Cydrak and me trying to reverse-engineer its internals (see thread); Cydrak quickly came to the conclusion that the ST0018 was an ARM v3 compatible processor. Thus we could make fast progress and finally deciphered the communication between the special chip and the SNES' CPU. After that, byuu was able to implement the chip's emulation in his emulator.

Due to this game's minority factor it's not very probable, to say the least, that other big emulators will implement the ST0018 any time soon. Nevertheless this is a big milestone in the emulation of the Super Nintendo.

Blog opened

posted on 02/29/2012, 11:50 pm by LostTemplar

So finally I got some spare time to upload this blog. It's still very provisional and is lacking a lot of features one would expect from a blog. Nevertheless it's meant to serve the purpose of bringing news related to my current projects to the public; at the moment, this mainly involves the Far East of Eden Zero translation.

Speaking of which, I updated the corresponding page (reachable from the menu on the left) to reflect the current status of the project. To summarize the changes, I found an English translator (or better: he found me) and I will focus on getting the script translated to German. Hacking is tentatively going to be done by byuu. The hottest news can be found in this thread at his board.

Furthermore I'm tinkering with the idea of posting SNES hacking/hardware related articles here, especially on some advanced topics and problems that I encountered while hacking Far East of Eden Zero or other "advanced" games, like Star Ocean.

On a side note, around last week I found out about sd2snes, a project by another German guy. It's a piece of hardware that allows you to load SNES ROMs from an SD card and play them on the actual hardware. It even supports a lot of the enhancement chips (e.g. CX4, DSPs). If I find the time I'd really like to help implement an SPC7110 core (the chip used in Far East of Eden Zero).

Even if there won't be any new teaser screenshots for Far East of Eden Zero in the near future, I still hope to be able to write some interesting blog entries, so stay tuned.