Arabian Nights

Desert Spirit King

Arabian Nights (AN) is a Japan-exclusive RPG for the Super Famicom, developed by a small studio called Pandora Box. Unknown in the West, they are responsible for a few other more or less famous games like Traverse (free-scenario RPG, SFC), Gakkô de atta kowai Hanashi (sound novel, SFC) and the Oni-series (RPG, GameBoy/SFC/PSX).

AN was released in 1996 by a publisher named Takara and features, as the name strongly suggests, an all-Arabian theme involving deserts and Djinns. Once upon a time, Shukran, a young, good-spirited girl who lost her parents finds a special ring lying in front of her house. As it soon turns out the ring actually houses Ifrit, the King of the Djinns. He had been sealed away by his former master just before his demise, because hot-tempered Ifrit would have gone after his master's murderer despite not being strong enough. However, if Ifrit accomplishes fulfilling a thousand wishes, he will again be a free man, or rather Djinn. As coincidence may, Shukran's wish will actually be the 1000th, however, altruistic as she is, she wants Ifrit to bring peace upon the world. Thus, the two embark on their quest to make that wish come true, as for now Ifrit can't go anywhere without the ring.

The game itself is extraordinarily charming, boasting beautiful graphics and sympathetic characters. However, probably due to the fact that the small developer actually was publishing a lot of games around that time and the console nearing the end of its life span, AN most likely was very rushed at the end. That's why a lot of aspects of the game feel unfinished; had the developers had enough time, it could easily have become one of the console's best classics.

Translation Works

TranslationEien ni Hen (en)
Eien ni Hen
~ Finished ~

Despite looking very nice and promising, attempts of translating the game so far have never succeeded. After Yonin no Translators' discontinuing of their almost completed project we have taken over, mainly thanks to Pennywise. In about half a year we actually finished the translation, so you're looking at the very first completed translation of this charming game!

Care was taken to offer a pleasing English experience, so much reprogramming was done. For anyone interested, implementation details are explained here!


Arabian Nights English, Patch version 1.0 (12/25/2012)