Far East of Eden Zero

one of the last untranslated RPG gems for the Super Nintendo

Far East of Eden (天外魔境, tengai makyō) has been one of the bigger RPG series in Japan since the late 80s. One of the reasons none of the titles were ever released in the West might be the very Japanese theme each of the games featured. Contrary to most other franchises, FEoE doesn't take itself very serious and emphasizes humor and satire in its plots and overall style.

The SNES incarnation - Far East of Eden Zero - is definitely no different. In addition, being released at the end of the system's life span, it is technically very mature. The game, like many of its comrades, comes with a special chip installed in the cartridge that acts as a decompression unit for its graphics. This severely hampered correct emulation of this title, also rendering any translation efforts near impossible.

Similar to Star Ocean, the graphics were then extracted and compiled into graphic packs by a few dedicated people. This at least made emulation of the game possible. Finally, in 2010, combined efforts of skilled enthusiasts lead to the reverse-engineering of the compression algorithm, making serious translations possible.

Translation Works

TranslationLostTemplar (de)
 ? (en)

Far East of Eden Zero has already been abandoned by several groups and persons. One of the reasons certainly is the technical difficulty of hacking this game. I'm nevertheless positive that a quality localization is possible.

After I had announced that I was working on this game byuu, the author of the most accurate SNES emulator in existence (bsnes), communicated his wish to do the hacking involved. After some correspondence I came to the conclusion that it was best to delegate the hacking work to him, while I concentrate on getting the German script translation done, aiming for a simultaneous English/German release.

This leads to the following schedule: byuu, having experienced problems with translators in the past, wants to wait until the English script is almost done. We have a dedicated and skilled translator for this, so it is just a matter of time. Thus there aren't going to be any more teaser screenshots until then. As compensation, with byuu's expertise gained from his work on bsnes, we can guarantee a high quality translation with some undisclosed goodies.

A note for people wanting to translate Far East of Eden Zero to their native language: Please contact me and/or download the script. If you can provide me with a completely translated script I will see it inserted (all hacking will be done by us). Be aware that this game is full of pop-culture references and satirical Japanese, so a high level of fluency in Japanese is absolutely required.


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